Thursday, June 24, 2010

Stuart Hart Publishes 3rd Edition of "Capitalism at the Crossroads"

Stuart Hart, featured in over 50 Prendismo clips on leadership and business, has just released the 3rd Edition of his most acclaimed work, Capitalism at the Crossroads. The Samuel C. Johnson Chair of Sustainable Global Enterprise at Cornell University’s Johnson School of Management, his book discusses the unique role that business can play in creating a more environmentally sustainable planet and rolling back the large economic inequalities that exist in the world. Indeed, Stuart Hart advocates that these sustainable businesses practices can accelerate business growth rather than inhibit it.

Prendismo’s unique interview and video process has captured Stuart Hart speaking on topics ranging from the “Beyond Greening” concept to the “Pyramid Protocol” to the clip below where he discusses how sustainability can fuel the entrepreneurial process.

Check out the Prendsimo collection to hear more from this thought leader!

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