Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bill Bradley and Ken Dryden

On September 10, 2009, Cornell University's campus was honored with the presence of two legendary athletes-turned-politicians – Bill Bradley, Princeton ’65, and Ken Dryden, Cornell ’70. They appeared together on one stage to discuss “Lives on the Run: Sports, Service & Leadership”, an event that was moderated by Jeremy Schaap, Cornell ’91 and Emmy award-winning ESPN sportswriter and host.

Former Sen. Bradley (D., N.J.) and the Hon. Mr. Dryden, member of Canada’s Parliament for York Centre, Ontario, both exemplify the true meaning of scholar-athlete. In athletics, both were record-setting collegiate stars in basketball and hockey, respectively, who became Hall-of-Famers and members of championship teams. Their athletic accomplishments were only matched by their distinguished lawmaking careers in Washington, D.C., and Ottawa, respectively. In addition, both are successful authors and continue to embrace the opportunities that continue to unfold before them.

While both discussed their paths, successes and failures, there were two clips from the evening that seemed to capture the essence of what made each of these men the living legends that they are.

In this clip, Bill Bradley discusses his personal thoughts on integrity:

In this clip, Ken Dryden states the importance of living life to your own expectations.

To hear the entire session in an audio podcast, click here.

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