Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Levi's Calls on Gen Y to "Go Forth" (and buy jeans)...

Advertising has drastically evolved over the past few years.  Moving from print to digital, dealing with a widespread recession, and of course pitching to a completely different generation have all influenced the way companies choose to reach out to consumers. 

One company that refuses to get left behind is Levi Strauss & Company.  The Levi brand, known for it “501 blues” and “501 U.S.A.” campaigns is once again reaching out to the next generation.  Their target market:  Gen Y males ages 18-34.  In a recent New York Times article, “Levi’s Courts the Young With a Hopeful Call” Levi Strauss & Company’s new campaign “Go forth” is revealed and dissected.

The new campaign will attempt to reach out to consumers from every angle.  Commercials will be on television, online, and in movie theaters.  They will also use print advertisements as well as transit signs and posters.  Finally, they will utilize the power of social media sites by placing “Go Forth” advertisements on Facebook.

In the campaign Levi hopes to rally the patriotic “we can do anything” spirit of Gen Y and combine that with their brand name to appeal to the new consumer market.  As the article states Levi's goal is to deliver “the authenticity, and the price, the customer wants.”  All while keeping in mind that “A brand is worth what you pay for it.”

It is apparent that Gen Y has greatly changed the consumer market.  Levi’s new campaign is a direct example of that.  In the following Prendismo clip Elliott Garlock discusses how companies are adjusting for Gen Y's attitude.

"We're innovative.  We're efficient.  We don't believe that your performance is measured by how early you come into the office and how late you leave." - Elliott Garlock, Assistant Brand Manager, Procter & Gamble

The article places emphasis on Levi as a brand name.  Levi is a well-known trusted product and the company needs to leverage that name in their advertising.  In the following Prendismo clip, Kenneth Shields discusses the importance of making your brand relevant to consumers.

"First moment of truth is when it's purchased, second moment of truth is when it's used." - Kenneth Shields, Director, Procter & Gamble

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