Monday, March 9, 2009

Topic of the Day: Challenges of Entrepreneurship

I wasn't able to get a blog post out on Friday because I was dealing with the many balls an entrepreneur has to juggle. Finding a way to balance operations, strategy, fund raising and business development is a huge challenge - and it made me think that a good topic to showcase would be clips on the challenges that face entrepreneurs.

I've included some of my favorite clips on this topic below:

"Certainly the first few years of the business were going from one near-death experience to another." - Linda Mason, founder of Bright Horizons

"If you are passionate about what you are doing, you do not let the setbacks set you back as much." - Seth Goldman, CEO of HonestTea

"The isolation of being an entrepreneur is something you also have to manage." - Patricia Warner, founder of Global-eze

"I think I'm working harder now than I think I ever worked in my life." - Paul Breitenback, CEO of Quickstore24 Systems

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