Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Embracing Your Inner Entrepreneur

An article from March 13, 2009 in the New York Times states:

"Economists say that when the economy takes a dive, it is common for people to turn to their inner entrepreneur to try to make their own work. But they say that it takes months for that mentality to sink in, and that this is about the time in the economic cycle when it really starts to happen — when the formerly employed realize that traditional job searches are not working, and that they are running out of time and money."

Are you in the process of channeling your inner entrepreneur?

Prendismo has some candid clips that capture the excitement and often the angst that surround the decision to take the leap and embrace the risk of launching a startup.

Laura Colosi, co-founder of educational toy company, ThinkWorks shares that for her, risk of a startup is both scary and motivational.

Young social entrepreneur Tom Szaky shares his personal struggle in making the decision to drop out of school at Princeton to pursue his business idea...and how that decision went over with his parents...

Finally, young entrepreneur James Ioannidis shares his decision to walk away from a job offer at Microsoft to become Chief Technology Officer at Course Hero.

While each of these entrepreneurs came from different life experiences prior to "making the leap", it is clear that they all faced some uncertainty about their decisions. Having no employment opportunities can certainly force the hand of anyone considering a startup...but regardless of the reason for taking the leap, the sense of risk and excitement is common!

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