Friday, February 20, 2009

Topic of the Day - Innovation

Two things on my mind today...

First, after listening to NPR, reading the papers, following Twitter seems as though no one is talking about anything positive anymore. Sure, the stock market is in disarray and the economy is nearing "great depression" status...but we live in a country that doesn't count you out if you fail. The expectation is that you will stand back up and keep trying. It is that determination and acceptance that has made the US such an incredible source of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Second, I have been struggling with how to best convey all of the incredible content stored in the almost 13,000 clips in Prendismo. I realized that one of the uses of this blog should be to showcase some of my favorite clips (yes, I have actually listened to ALL of the clips in the collection) to enable you to understand and learn from the passion, energy and enthusiasm of the 600+ entrepreneurs and business leaders we have interviewed.

So starting today, I will pick a few topics each week...and pull some of my favorite clips from each topic to share.

Thought I would start today with a clip from the topic "Innovation". In this clip, John Bello, co-founder of South Beach Beverage Company (SoBe), discusses how entrepreneurs are the true innovators in America and that the best innovation often comes from having nothing.

Steve Leveen, CEO and co-founder of Levenger has a great clip on the topic too. Following Bello's thought, Leveen states that most innovation in business happens when people and organizations "don't have the resources they ought to have."

Given the current state of the economy, seems like the country is ripe for some innovation!

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